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These markedly white spots are not caused by drinking milk with fish. Sour food or Vitamin-C does not cause leukoderma. These are the common myths spread by non qualified medical practitioners. In fact every human being has an immune system (body's defense system) to fight off infections caused by germs. Sometimes this defense system starts working against the cells which produce the skin color. These cells are called melanocytes (pronounced as MAY-LANO-SITES). In the beginning of the disease, the defense system just paralyzes the melanocytes and they stop making the color. At this stage they can be salvaged with the proper treatment. If not treated early, the defense system can permanently damage these cells, making the treatment difficult.

The treatment usually consists of medicated creams, treatment with ultraviolet light in your dermatologist’s clinic, and sometimes oral medications with ultraviolet light. Cosmetique is equipped with some of the finest Ultraviolet treatment machines in the world made. Our latest Narrow Band UVB treatment is the best treatment method used at the finest centers in the world with proven efficacy and safety record. Alhamdulillah thousands of patients have benefitted from these cutting edge treatment modalities at Cosmetique, which makes us the most advanced center for the treatment of Vitiligo and is at par with the finest centers in the world.

If no improvement occurs, a latest treatment called ‘Melanocyte Transplant’ is now available in Pakistan ONLY at Cosmetique. In this treatment the color producing cells are transferred from the normal skin to the white spots, where they start producing the skin color. Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is one of the very few melanocyte transplant surgeons in the world who has mastered this technique and patients from all over the world visit Lahore to benefit from his skills.

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