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Face Lift without General Anesthesia in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Surgical Face Lift (mini-face lift)

Face lift surgery using minimally invasive technique is performed to pull the loose skin from the lower part of the face backwards and upwards, to give the face a youthful appearance, without a stretched ‘plastic’ look. The natural look after the face-lift surgery is something we specialize in. You don’t want to have a facelift done in a way that is detectable by others. In fact the face lift has to be subtle enough that no one should be able to notice the scars or be startled with a stretched look of your face.

We take pride in our doctors who have invented and refined many procedures performed by thousands of doctors throughout the world. One such technique is the face lift technique using only local anesthesia with minimal surgery. Two cutting edge medical papers of Dr. Azim

The official publication of American Society for Dermatologic Surgerywere honored to be published in the leading international medical journal Dermatologic Surgery – The official publication of American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (www.asds.net).

These papers are the testimony that we are the pioneers, Alhamdulillah, and perform the most refined minimally invasive face lift surgeries.


The surgery is performed in our out-patient surgery suite using only local anesthesia. General anesthesia has it’s own complications that can be avoided by just using the local anesthesia. The surgery takes between 1-2 hours and patient can immediately go home, and resume the routine activities in a day or two, and can go back to work within a few days.  

Non-Surgical Face Lift in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi & Pakistan

Thread Lift is performed at COSMETIQUE by Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan who caters a large number of patients from Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and all over Pakistan and is considered to be the most qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan. "Thread lift" is a non-surgical procedure in which a microscopically barbed thread is placed under the skin without pain in an out-patient setting without any cut, bleeding or general anesthesia. The barbed thread pulls the chin, neck and jowels backwards and upwards to give you the youthful look, taking away the sagging lower facial skin. We take pride in our dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons who have been performing this procedure for more than 20 years - and were among some of the first few surgeons who started to perform "Thread lift" in the world. Prof. Dr. Azim Khan along with Prof. Dr. Emil Bisaccia and Dr. Dwight Scarborough started to perform this procedure in early 2002-2003. At that time many cosmetic surgeons in the world started to use the permanent non-dissolvable threads but did not like the fact that the sutures remained at their place while the surrounding skin had sagged downwards - making the sutures or threads stand out and visible. The sutures used were not self-dissolvable and the effect was not long lasting. Also, in some cases sutures stayed in the skin even though their effectiveness was long gone. Now, with the advent of new generation of self dissolvable sutures, the "thread lift" procedure has become very safe as well as predictable. The latest wave of PDO (Polydioxanone ) threads are self dissolvable and their effectiveness remains for about 12-18 months in most of the patients. The primary mode of action of these threads is not the "pulling" effect - rather it is the bio-stimulatory effect of PDO on the surrounding skin cells called as fibroblasts, which produce the youthful substance collagen. These PDO threads increase the production of collagen by stimulating the skin fibroblasts. Also these threads give "filling" effect to the sagging skin by their sheer volume and in many cases especially very popular in Korea, anywhere between 50-70 threads are inserted under the skin to give it a youthful appearance. On the other hand, many threads have knots and tiny cones fitted on them which grab the sagging skin and tightens the skin as you pull these threads tight under the skin e.g., Silhouette threads (Made in U.S.A.) are the prime example of such threads. We routinely use these threads at COSMETIQUE. Please call at 0303-477-0006 and talk to Dr. Amnah Raj, our surgical co-ordinator to assist you in deciding if the thread lift is the correct choice for you, or would you need any other procedure to get the best results.


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