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Kybella Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal

If you are concerned about your double chin and want to get rid of it without having to go through surgery - we have the latest treatment available in Pakistan by the name of Kybella. In this treatment, double chin fat also known as "Submental" fat in medical terms, is injected with a medicine Deoxycholic Acid (Kybella). Kybella ruptures or deflates the fat cells in the double chin and the fat is removed by the body just like the body digests the dietary fat. You will require anywhere between 1-6 injection one month apart to see the maximum benefit from this treatment. It is the latest non-surgical treatment available in the world and now COSMETIQUE is proud to introduce for the very first time in Pakistan. It is approved by FDA for submental or double chin removal only but extensive work is being done to evalate it's use on larger areas else where on the body. No anesthesia, no hospitalization and no cut is required. The procedure is performed in our clinic's comfortable environment in about 10-15 minutes and you van go back to work immediately agtetwards. There may be some tenderness, swelling and nruising that can last upto a week or so, but non of these temporary manifestations stay forore than 2-3 weeks, should tjey ever happen.

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