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Mole Removal



There are different kinds of moles. Some moles are benign (safe) while others are dangerous (malignant). Some are in between – meaning they are devious and can become dangerous if left alone. Our highly competent skin specialists and cosmetic surgeons have vast experience in mole detection and tackling as they have evaluated and treated all different kinds of moles for over a decade in the western hemisphere, where moles are more prevalent---In Caucasian / white population that is to say. To learn more about moles click here. It is extremely important to get the proper evaluation of the mole before the removal is considered. Sometimes the results are so remarkable, that it is difficult for even us to determine where we performed the surgery. Our goal is to the make a mole less noticeable and remove it in some such manner that it all ends in minimal to nil scarring. We strive our best to virtually eliminate the scars and moles as much as possible using the most advanced techniques and technology available anywhere in the world and , by the Grace of God, to date have never disappointed our patients.


Radiofrequency® treatment is one of the latest ways to get rid of moles without damaging the surrounding skin. We use the best Radofrequency device in the world made by Ellman, USA. We are, by the Grace of God, the only center in Pakistan using this cutting edge technology.

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Mole Removal

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