Breast Augmentatation & Reshaping without any surgery

Breast Augmentation & Reshaping

Non-Surgical Options for Breast Augmentation & Reshaping

Q: What are the advantages of non-surgical breast enhancement/augmentation as compared to traditional breast augmentation surgery?
A: There is no general anesthesia, no cutting, no scars and basically no recovery time needed in non-surgical approaches. Since the surgical implants stay the same in size and shape throughout their lifetime, they may look out of place and un-natural after a few years as the rest of the body continues to age but the implants stay the same.On the other hand, non-surgical augmentation using natural materials like Macrolane is not permanent and you can change the amount and shape according to the need of a patient at a particular time, as the needs of the body change year-to-year,so is the treatment.Although minor, even the smallest surgery has its own risks.


Macrolane is the latest non-surgical advancement after many decades to enhance the breast size using a non-surgical procedure.It is the same natural material(Hyaluronic acid) produced by the body to keep the skin young and is used in world famous facial wrinkle fillers like Restylane®.Hyaluronic acid has been used for decades successfully and safely from eyes to joints to skin for different purposes and its safety is established beyond any doubt internationally.Macrolane is injected under the breast tissue to enhance and shape the breasts. Macrolane is the only material available in the world to achieve these goals. Also,this injection can be used on other body parts of the body like buttocks and calves where volume needs to be restored.

Breast Reshaping

The Cosmetiqueoffer services of fractional Breast Reshaping.

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