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It is a common observation that most people tend to ignore their hands and feet as part of their daily self maintenance regime. The continuous exposure to our dusty and dry environment, repetitive use of various detergents and the unavoidable friction that these body parts have to bear make them rough, dry and unpleasant to the eye. Since the scorching solar rays in our part of the world are indeed very harsh, and our hands and feet are almost always exposed to their drying and darkening effects, these body parts need proper care and cure or else they age fast. At Cosmetique®, our doctors perform various hand and feet beautifying procedures that undo and prevent the effects of environmental  and/or age related damage. Most popular among these are Microdermabrasion, Chemical peeling, Mosaic® laser and laser resurfacing, as well as cosmetic should be contouring by fat transfer and skin fillers for withered, shriveled and aged hands and feet. On insistence by our clients, Cosmetique® now keeps a complete provision of various hand and feet beautifying skin products by the most reputed and FDA approved companies of U.S.A. For more information and inquiry please call our office and book an appointment to discuss the services needed in your particular case.  

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