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Sclerotherapy & Laser for Leg Veins


Anyone, in particular women, can develop visible red, blue or small purple veins on the legs. These can appear anywhere from the top of the leg to the bottom of ankle. Sometimes these veins can become darker and larger, and extend deep below the surface of the skin. When these veins remain smaller spider veins, they do not cause any discomfort and are mainly considered a cosmetic issue by most of the patients. In fact, these are the signs of the valves’ failing slowly in the V-Beambigger deep veins in the legs, so the treatment should not remain limited to the cosmetic issue. The bigger varicose veins, on the other hand can cause mild leg discomfort towards the end of the day, to extremely painful legs and feet after standing for a few hours. If left untreated, patient can start developing swelling of the feet, which later progresses to the open wounds which are extremely difficult to heal and are called as ‘venous stasis ulcers’.


Q: What causes spider or varicose veins on legs?
There are two kinds of blood pipes (blood vessels) in the body. The blood vessels that take the blood from the heart to the feet are called as “arteries”, and the vessels that take the blood from the feet back to the heart are called as “veins”. These veins have “one-way” valves that maintain the flow from the feet towards the heart against the gravity. These valves do not let the blood drop back into the ankle once it is pushed back towards the heart, by the squeezing action of the calf muscles. Once these “one-way valves” start to become slightly leaky, the blood starts to come back into the feet /ankle as the valves fail to completely close. At this point, the veins start to become visible and are called as “Varicose Veins”. Many factors like long periods of standing and heredity certainly seem to play some role, but hormone levels and injury to a leg, also seem to contribute. Many females start to get the varicose veins after pregnancy.


Q: What are the treatments available for spider veins and varicose veins?Lyra
The good news is that painless, effective treatments can get rid of these unsightly veins (which are not essential to blood circulation in the legs). If the veins are very fine then either a procedure called Sclerotherapy or a laser can get you rid of these unsightly veins on the legs.


Sclerotherapy is an advanced procedure that shrinks spider and varicose veins. Using extremely fine needles (specially imported and not available in any other center in Pakistan), a solution is injected directly into the problem vein by the doctor. This pushes the blood out, causing the vein to shrink and visually disappear. Patient is asked to wear special tight socks for a few days to shrink the dilated veins back to normal.


Many times, these small fine veins can be treated with our state-of-the-art lasers like Candela’s V-Beam, Lyra-i by Iridex, or Coolglide by Cutera all made in the United States. These highly advanced laser systems can get rid of small red or blue blood vessels almost painlessly in a few minutes sparing the patient of anxiety associated with even very fine needles. Larger veins and fine networks of veins require multiple treatment sessions to gain the best results.Larger varicose veins can be treated with either the latest techniques of foam sclerotherapy or the radiofrequency treatment. In the foam sclerotherapy method, a foam made from a medicine (usually sodium tetradecyle sulphate) is carefully injected into the dilated vein that makes it collapse and get "fibroses" eliminating the dilated vein without the need to undergo a vein "stripping" surgery. Moreover, a latest method called as radiofrequency can be used to to eliminate the dilated veins in the lower leg if the major valves in the superficial veins in the lower leg (sephnofemoral and sephanopopliteal) are found in-compitent and defective on doppler ultrasound examination. Our world acclaimed dermatologists, phlebologists and vascular surgeons will be happy to evaluate the cause of your swollen or dilated blood vessels (veins) and discuss various treatment options best suited for you.

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