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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Many people (both men and women) sometimes suffer from a dis-proportionately small buttocks or small butts. Especially in females, if the buttocks are too flat or small, the normal or appealing curvature or curves of the females can be compromised giving less than attractive looks. Most females want to have feminist body curves and a well balanced and slightly protruding hips/buttocks are an integral part to give the right curves to the female body. Similarly, after massive weight loss, in some people, the hips also become flat and saggy. In such individuals an excessive amount of lose skin may pose a problem too.

Although Brazilian Butt lift or hip enlargement in Pakistan has started to become popular recently, such surgeries have been very popular in Europe and especially in the United States and Brazil (thus the name "Brazilian Butt Lift"). Butt lifts have traditionally been performed by removing the excessive skin of the buttock by making a cut at the level of belt-line or in the bikini area to hide the resultant scar. The exact same scar is one of the reasons that such traditional butt lifts fell out of favor as most of the patients seeking cosmetic surgeries do not want to undergo an extensive risk-taking surgery that causes in a huge scar. This problem prompted the cosmetic surgeons to come up with a different approach to enhance the buttocks by giving the buttocks the lost volume.

In Brazilian Butt Lift we will take the fat by performing liposuction on the areas where fat is in excess (e.g., on the abdomen) and will transfer that unwanted fat to the buttocks where it will enhance the curvature of the buttocks giving a much more appealing feminist look. Our best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

specialize in the safest method of Liposuction known as the Tumescent Liposuction. In this method of liposuction, a very dilute amount of skin numbing medication is injected under the skin to make the area anesthetized without the need for general anesthesia. We usually recommend light sedation so that the patient may sleep during the procedure but do not go under the general anesthesia because of the risks involved with the general anesthesia itself. The time it takes to remove the excessive fat from the belly or other areas and then to inject that fat in the buttocks generally ranges between 2-3 hours. After the procedure it takes about 1-2 hours for the patient to be ready Alhamdulillah to go home. Please call our cosmetic surgery dedicated helpline +92-303-477-0006 to know more about Brazilian Butt lift or make an appointment to see one of our cosmetic surgeons who are the pioneers of Brazilian butt lift in Pakistan.

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