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Fractional Laser Treatment

Fractional Laser Treatment (Mosaic® / Fraxel®)

To fight the wrinkles in Pakistani population, the safest approach is the “Fractional Laser Resurfacing”, in which only a “fraction” of the total skin is treated at a time. This “fractional” approach to get rid of the damaged skin, gives the skin enough time to replace the ‘fraction’ of the skin with the new vibrant skin, before we can go ahead with the next fraction that needs treatment. In 3-5 treatment sessions the damaged wrinkled skin is replaced completely with the young new glowing skin. The best part is that the procedure is completely painless and takes only 20-30 minutes to complete. The skin may stay slightly pink for the next 24-48 hours and there is no other downtime. You can apply the makeup the next day and continue with your daily routine activities.

We use the most advanced lasers like Fraxel® or Mosaic® to treat the fine wrinkles and pigmentation to give your face a brand new refreshed look without any side effects.


fractional laser treatment

The Cosmetique offer services of fractional laser treatment.

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