Medical Treatment for Hair Loss in Cosmetique Lahore Pakistan

Medical Treatment for Hair Loss in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

There are many causes of hair loss and they do differ in men and women. It is normal to lose about 100 -150 hairs a day. Hair loss can be a result of genetics or some underlying medical condition, so hair transplant should never be performed before ascertaining the exact cause of hair loss. In most commercially-run hair-transplant clinics in Pakistan, no dermatologist is on the staff to diagnose the cause of the hair loss prior to offering the hair-transplant surgery to everyone who walks into the hair-transplant clinic. In fact, very often hair loss is related to poor nutrition which includes crash dieting, eating disorders and deficiency of various essential vitamins and nutrients. Before implementing any treatment option, talk to our skin, hair & nail specialists who are ranked as the best skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan about the cause of hair loss in your particular case and the best possible treatment for your specific type of hair loss. Very often we perform various blood tests to diagnose the exact cause of hair loss if needed. In men usually the cause is genetic and is called as alopecia androgenetica or 'male pattern hair loss', whereas in females it is called as 'female pattern hair loss'. As the name implies - "Andro" means related to male kind of "Androgen" hormones and "Genetica" means genetic - so it is the hair loss due to genes and male hormones. It is the most common type of baldness in men but many women also suffer from this disease. Those women who have an excess of male androgen hormones due to some underlying disease like Polycystic Ovary Disease for example, may suffer from female pattern hair loss or alopecia androgenetica. Moreover a few other diseases must be ruled out in females who show signs of alopecia androgenetica, and only if these patients are found to be incurable with medications, should they be considered for hair transplant surgery. Similarly male pattern hair loss or "common' type of baldness in men at an earlier stage, can easily be treated with medications alone. At the very least further progression may be halted in many cases with the help of medications which are FDA approved.


At Cosmetique, Prof. Dr. Azim J. Khan and his team of dedicated and highly competent hair specialists thoroughly evaluate each and every patient of hair loss for any possible underlying disease and every effort is made to treat hair loss with medications prior to considering hair transplant surgery as the last resort.


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