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Double Chin & Jowel Removal with Microliposuction

“Micro” means small and “Liposuction” means sucking the fat out. Microliposuction, or suction and removal of small amount of fat using very small instruments give the name “Mico”liposuction to this procedure. Double chin and drooping of the jaw line also known as ‘jowels’ can be safely and effectively removed with microliposuction. Microliposuction is performed by our cosmetic surgeons utilizing the tumescent technique of local anesthesia. Traditional old method of Liposuction surgery had two problems – general anesthesia (with all its potential complications), and major blood loss. Our latest method is an extremely safe outpatient procedure that eliminates these two major safety considerations as no general anesthesia is needed and patient has almost no blood loss during the surgery.
Since the incision and instruments used in Microliposuction are so tiny, it is perfectly suited to be performed on the delicate areas of the face.Microliposuction is ideal for people who desire better facial contour. Even younger patients with early facial sagging can "firm up" with a simple Microliposuction procedure.

Often, Microliposuction will be performed at the same time as a Mini-facelift or MiniTuck. Using two to three very small holes, very tiny needles (cannulas) are used to suck the extra fat out, giving face a youthful appearance. Since the holes are extremely small and hidden behind the ears, no scar or mark is visible after the healing is complete in a couple of weeks. Utilizing these safe outpatient procedures usually eliminates the need for a more surgically intensive full facelift. To learn more about liposuction Click Here.


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