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Vampire Face Lift using PRP in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Traditional face lift surgery removes the excessive lose skin on the chin, neck and jewel areas be stretching the skin back wards and upwards and cutting the extra skin around and behind the ears to hide the resultant scars. Many patients are not the good candidates for such surgery as it requires the local or general anesthesia and is literally a "surgery' no matter how small it is, it still entails some of the risks inherent to any surgical procedure. Also, many patients want the skin rejuvenation but are not the full-fledged candidates requiring the removal of the slightly drooped towels or neckline/jawline. In this latest form of face lift, a part of the blood known as PRP or platelet rich plasma is used to rejuvenate and restore the turgor and elasticity of the skin of the face. PRP has been used extensively in the wound healing for the past 10-20 years based on the principle that human blood particles known as platelets produce specific growth factors that help the wounds to heal quickly. Platelets are the specific type of blood cells that are a major source of many growth factors and can also help to stop bleeding thus their low level in Dangue fever can cause dangerous bleeding. Platelets' role in the production of many valuable growth factors has been recognized by the medical research community for well over two decades and now such role is exploited in the form of the rejuvenation of the facial skin in the form of Vampire Face Lift.

Although PRP in Pakistan for hair restoration has become very popular recently, Vampire Face lift is starting to gain popularity in the cosmetic dermatologic community by the fact that it requires no cuts or incisions and such a face lift is a "lunch-hour face lift" and can be performed in less than 30 minutes as an in and out clinic procedure with no hospitalization or anesthesia required.

In Vampire Face Lift we will take a small amount of blood from your arm or hand in the exact same way you give blood for your laboratory work-up in any lab. We will then process this small amount of blood using specialized equipment to separate the platelets from other components of your blood and will concentrate the amount of platelets too. This plasma or liquid portion of blood without any other cells but only concentrated platelets will be injected into the certain areas of the face, around the hollow eyes (eye circles) and even on the neck to give you the youthful look without having to go through any extensive surgery. But be careful, this Vampire Face lift can not reverse all kinds of aging as falsely claimed on many websites and publicity in newspapers. Only a well qualified cosmetic, plastic or dermatologic surgeon can assess the type of face lift you may need and then can guide you about the best possible treatment option. Please call our dedicated phone line +92-303-477-0006 to know more about the Vampire Face Lift or make an appointment with our best cosmetic plastic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.

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